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How To Scan A Website

To scan a website, you go to Website Scanner and click on "Scan New Website".

It will open a page asking you to paste your website:


The cost of credits for the website scan is determined during the scan. This is based on the number of words for each page found on the website, which could be significant. If your account doesn't have enough credits to cover the scan, we will automatically bill you the appropriate amount.

If you agree with that, just click "Scan Now". It might take a few if the scan has many pages.

As soon as your scan is ready, you'll be able to see the results in the same page. Just click "View Details"

Then you'll be able to see the results, that shows how many words were scanned, the % for Original and AI

Please reach out to us with any questions. As always, it is our genuine pleasure to help you use

Updated on: 28/11/2023

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