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How To Delete Your Scans in

You can delete your scans by scrolling to the very bottom of the Account page

You will see a section that says Remove All Content Scans and a button that says Remove All Content Scans

Click this button to remove all your content scans. This action is irreversible and once your scans are deleted, they cannot be recovered

Can I Remove Individual Scans?

At the moment we don't support removal of individual scans (though this is coming at some point down the road)


If you would like to remove your scans due to privacy, don't worry: is not allowed to access your scan associated with your account unless you share access with us

You can turn off our access to anonymized data from your scans by going to the Data Usage Settings and turning Data Usage off

This will prevent anyone, including us, from accessing your data

Data usage off

Please reach out to us with any questions. As always, it is our genuine pleasure to help you use

Updated on: 04/12/2023

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